10 February 2010

Been a whileee.....

Hello all! This will be short and sweet, I hope.

Yes I have not blogged for 9 months now and I think a lot has changed since then. So just before I go all bloggingmania once more, this is just to update people.

  • I am only updating/posting again because someone reminded me I had a blog. Not that I forgot. =)
  • I graduated in Bachelor of Business (Accounting) officially last September.
  • I am no longer a student! Yes, employed and contributing to economy already.
  • Working as debate trainer in Swinburne and Finance Exec in Dad's business. Fancy schmancy?
  • I am now also known as Poohbear, to some.
  • My other jobs are dishwasher (a very slow one), babysitter (apparently only for overgrown "babies"), and pig caretaker (yes only one pig).
  • I went to Singapore last year in July and just came back from Kota Kinabalu a few days ago!
  • I don't quite know what else to say at the moment.
  • I had the best birthday last year in my life. If you were a part of it, thank you! If you weren't then well, you could have made it awesomer!
  • Last year's Christmas and New Year sure was something different.
  • I still play futsal somewhat every week but I'm slower and older now. sigh.
  • Nevertheless, I'm still into futsal shoes. =)
  • Oh yes, I have a bear for a sister and a laksa-crazy-daughter.
  • I am also a honeybaloo and am phalumpcious!
  • OMG CNY IS COMING SOON! Valentine's what??? =P
  • Lastly, I'm not available anymore. =D (yes I know that was unnecessary.)

Signing out.



juu said...

OMG i thought you were kidding me when you said you updated! *gasps*

(notice how no one's because they probably think this blog is dead adi. thank God i revived it aye)

this wasn't what i meant when i say update but at least i've been (indirectly) mentioned a couple of times :)

i is a happy piglet. thank you poohbear!

ps/ did mel tell you she made me start a new blog?'s just for pictures tho =)

Arrancar said...

So as a concerned friend, I'm dropping by and not dropping dead to say I'm just here to leave a comment. :D