12 November 2008


Sorry people whom I have promised that I will update but have not. Well, now I have! Been busy and lazy times. When you've got people coming back to Kuching over the summer, well, more like their summer, you tend to spend more time with them then ramble on and on in your blog. =P

Nevertheless, when they all left, until the very last one, whom was Champton on the (checks calendar...) 29th September, it then all went to work work work! At times it was debate, at times the student council and most importantly, studies... Since I've hardly ever (never actually) put up pictures on my blog, I think it's about time! Lazy to time for now... =D

First, in late June, (yes, that long ago) we went to Sematan!

And then early July to Matang for bbq and fun!

The dreaded departure of Yew Inn to Adelaide..
(not so dreaded by him however, as you can see...)

21st Tralalas!

The things Daphne made me do...

Random outings

Still had time for debate!

Swinburne Debate 2008 (mid Aug)

and the Yayasan Sarawak Debate Challenge 2008!

James' 21st bday n bbq

Merdeka celebration getting drunk... NOT!

We had lots of fishing trips too..

Beach Bash with Student Council (early September)

Kolo mee! with Stan and Champ..

Prom Night 2008 (mid October)

Student Council 2008 at Prom

Battle of the bands! (hardly any pics)

Swinburne Sports Carnival 2008 (end October)
- hardly any pics but got stories to tell next time!

Well, that's all for now. Will get the ball rolling more the next time!

15 July 2008

Something Light for the Blight

Apparently I have been a little too serious with my postings so I'll be trying to be more light-hearted with my coming bloggings.

Anyway, as you all may already know, shame on you if you didn't, Chelsea's coming to Malaysia! However, I'll not be able to watch them live and have that dream of seeing my greatest idols in the likes of John Terry aka Mr Chelsea and Frank Lampard. Moments where they score against Malaysia, me standing up next to them for a picture or 2, or letting them autograph my jersey(s) will now not come to life. Unless you can do something about it! And you can! RM700 approximately is all I need for tickets to KL and back along with GRANDSTAND tickets! Haha.. You know where to find me if all of a sudden you felt generous! Thank you in advance!

Considering I'm a huge hardcore loyal Chelsea fan, this would mean the worldest to me, next to actually playing for Chelsea and my honeymoon that is. =D

On to more realistic matters, I have been football deprived over the holidays, not something I have been hoping for. Ever since Euro 2008 ended, transfer window this summer has been so boring and filled with hopeless rumours concerning the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Gareth Barry. More so annoying is the likes of Inter Milan wanting Frank Lampard also! Go **** off Inter! Jose Mourinho still ok. Also not been playing enough futsal hence all the extra luggage my tummy has been carrying. This is just sad and if I referred to my list of 10 things to do that I made up without thinking during my finals, I'm not in a good position. =P

Holidays been good though, been out with great company time after time which will make me feel like hell when September comes and all is gone. Hopefully I'll be piled with all the lala stuff the student council has for me. Results are out this Friday so all who knows me and wants me to continue to live peacefully for the rest of July, please pray I did reasonably and relatively better than my last semester. Not that it was bad but I kinda really want my cgpa to be hells lots better when I graduate.

Also, next week we are celebrating my friends and I's 21st tralalas altogether so that those whom haves passed can celebrate again and those that aren't here yet can have tralala appetizer. With all the eating going on lately, it is no wonder I'm looking more and more like Pooh, which I am partly known as today. To others, I am Chao Ah Pui # 2. =D It's all been good! For those who still has the O_O look as to what a tralala is, to quote from the Bimbo I think, you don't want us to get started!

Also, Mr Patrick Goh Yew Inn sadly left us, erm, I meant me, early this month for the great glories of Adelaide. Apparently, he's been drinking like mad most of the time there so although he's been away for 2 weeks already, we'll consider it just 1 week, the amount of time he's actually been sober and missing us Kuching people and being emo and all.

As for those who are back, Darren is now the no.1 Kuching ah beng for all you wannabes out there. You shall see absolute horrorfying transformation tomorrow. Also, not-so-pro-wrestler Azlan is back and will make a special appearance tonight. More-pro-looking-wrestler Stanley is MIA at the moment because I have no idea if he's back yet or not but should be during this week itself. Boy we gonna have some funs.

Also, I've had complaints my posts are too long so........ - the end -

26 June 2008

"Human Nature"

Been a while since I last posted something, or not. Just didn't really like the idea of posting something crappy that I wouldn't bother reading myself. Oh yes, I just felt really lazy too. Anyway, stumbled upon this article thingy on the Net recently and felt it was so true and helpful. To make it short, it basically explained how nice guys finished last and why women usually go after cocky guys who treat them like nothing special rather than princesses.

This is soooooooo true I tell you! Well, from personal experience that is. You're absolutely entitled to read through it and perceive it yourself. Link's at the end of the post if it's going to be a long one. As I was saying, comparing what I read and what I've seen, it perfectly explains how guys always lose out when they do everything good there is to do. Funny though if you want to pull it to an extreme. Don't return their calls and you make them want to call you more. Don't tell them they look pretty and beautiful and they'll think you're hot and sexy. Don't shower them with gifts and they'd want to shower with you. Scrap that last bit.

But yes, I quite agree with the logical sense in it. To quote from the article, nice guys are boring and predictable while cocky guys are perceived as more confident and stronger, basically sort of more desirable values. People often look for something exciting and adventurous when getting into a relationship. You're not looking for someone who's going to say the predictable 3 words to you a hundred times in one night or tell you how nice you look in that dress and be willing to do just anything for you. Girls always prefer to have someone like that as a friend maybe because when they say no to him they can still expect them so linger around and offer them a cheering up or 2 when they don't feel great on any day. Once they do, they move on to look for a cocky guy who will.... well, you get the picture.

Totally understood as well if you have someone who's not as easily 'accessible' relationship wise because human nature states that we usually want something we can't have, someone who isn't EASY. It poses greater satisfaction and pleasure going through a phase like that and I mean that in a non-sexual way. To quote once more, "someone who she perceives to be more worthy" which would mean someone who should instead deserve your attention rather than seem all desperado over for you. OR IS IT???

I mean, yeah, there needs to always be a balance. Those who I usually argue with would know how I value balance over others. Nothing is perfect if one sided, especially when it comes to a relationship. I realize after all that though that article may be quite true, it's just crap. What I mean is that, life and human nature is crap. This isn't just some emotion fueled due to past rejections in my life (heh heh) or maybe it is but it makes sense as well.

Firstly, I've known some guys who are like that (cocky) and even girls who prefer them since all they seem to can see is 'excitement', 'confidence' and maybe 'fun', they don't know how they get treated like crap or dirt. They even go to such an extent that they don't care if he cheated on them and such but rather give him chance after chance while clinging on as if their dear life depended on getting the guy. Just coz he's great with words and he knows how to act in front of you, he shouldn't be the one you want to be with more. In fact, the exact scenario a lot of girls go through, when they're afraid to tell a guy how THEY feel and instead wait, should be taken into picture as well. Not many girls know what it means for a guy to pour and admit his feelings to ONE girl and risk almost everything. It's sure as hell more bold than that of someone who builds a layer of egoistic persona and lives behind it. But HEY, if you're not that fond of loyalty, by all means, go the other direction, if you know what really lies there. What you don't know, don't mean it don't exist. The key word used most often used after all was "perceived".

The world used to be simple as well. It was never one as complicated as this nice vs cocky man situation. Oh yeah, and when the heck did getting into a relationship was all about excitement and being all unpredictable??? That's what you call an ADVENTURE! Hellooooo?? If all you wanted was to have fun with the guy and have a good time by all means but don't you dare tell me that was in fact a relationship. If being predictable is all that bad as well, go ahead and live 'loving' him without getting to know him well enough to know his next move, how he feels about you and so on. The only thing that should remain unpredictable should be his romance, which you would know all about if you gave him, the nice guy, a chance.

Seriously too, if you really don't want someone who would care for you day and night whenever and instead go after another who couldn't care less if you just did your hair or you wore a new dress. I'm not denying that all this perception thing that was spoken about is true because I did after all agree with it. I just think its plain stupid because I've seen more than often girls that deserve someone better instead go after thrashy guys who couldn't relationship wise care about them but could hold an act in front of them only to be heartbroken in the end. Then I thought, hey, just like how a religious calling will come in the face of death, they'd realize how meaningful nice guys are when they have broken hearts but I guess not. All I really quite belief right now is yes, that's our nature now.

Maybe they were desperate because they realized what a special person you were. Maybe they would go to great lengths for you because you mean the world to them. Maybe, just maybe, they say they love you not only because they really do, but because they know the other guy won't. Its possibly the type of human nature like this that have developed is a main cause for the increasing divorce rates in our lives. Various studies will cite all sorts of different causes for that but to just be simple, maybe its because many people just don't know what they want in life and love. When there is a failure to know, you should know you're going to fail, in this case, in that relationship.

To make things clear, a relationship isn't something to have fun with and have a great time or an experiential activity for you before marriage or something. It isn't something emotionally meaningless and empty. If you can't see that and realize what a true relationship requires, you'll go after that cocky guy and feel contempt but not happy. At least that's what I think. Many say love is overrated, it's not that special, and that the word or feeling is used too often without any meaning. I feel its underrated because many can't see how meaningful it can be to your life or you've just been with a guy who would say he loves you and just that when he's cocky and wants to look confident and strong. According to what I read, being nice will make the woman seem too valuable and too important. If people really cared for each other, there's never too valuable or important, its either they are or they're not.

Nevertheless, I mentioned balance. Of course its great to have some excitement or interest in a relationship rather than spending the rest of your life saying "I love you" to each other everyday though it should never be all about that like the article seems to portray. Treat her like she's everything but also not like she's something. Don't go saying you can't live without her as well because you will but remind her how she important she is to you. Usually when they're ready, they'll step up. Unlike what's in that site, and unlike what human nature seem to be turning into, friends aren't there to love you and partners there to have fun with. It's the other way around. =) With balance.

LINK to article

16 June 2008

KL Trip!

No idea how interesting reading about my trip would be but here goes anyway. Left for KL Friday morning on the 9.25am flight, all 4 of us in cheery but more anticipative mood. The Fantastic Four consisted of Darren, Miau (Ming), Yew Inn and myself! We didn't bring much considering it was just a short trip and will need space for the girly shoppingness in us. Something about me that makes me wonder, I've never got an AirAsia flight delayed before, even when I've used it all the time so far. Though, lets not jinx it!

As I was saying, when we got there, took bus down to KL Sentral then monorail to hotel Bintang Warisan. Once checked in and changed plans to stay for only a night there, we headed off for Berjaya Times Square, or so we thought. Miau's directional instinct, which only works in Kuching if you know what I mean, coupled with my smartassness got us walking towards the opposite direction so we then used monorail instead to get there instead. Sorry la... When we finally did get there, met up with Andrew Norman and headed for lunch at this new Japanese fusion steamboat place, Shabu Shabu. Had steamboat there but nothing special to my liking. Went on jalan-jalan all over the complex/mall/whatever until something hawt caught our attention. GT roadshow girls! So we went down to get a closer look at the hot body kits. Turns out there was a GT racing competition so that took our attention more and Darren along with Andrew took part. Oh yeah, Darren won btw with the grandstand tickets as his prize but that's not the point! Okay, it actually was. So jealous I tell you. Then the sushi eating competition came but we didn't take part considering lunch just took place. Walked over to Low Yat after that to do some tech-savvy shopping where most of us got something for ourselves and that's when James came! Our lovely KL host friend then followed us back to hotel to chill out a while before going to Times Square again to get midnight Hulk tickets and then off to Jalan Alor to get ourselves some KL street food which is so easily trumped by Kuching food and this makes James jealousss! I hope... Needless to say, after dinner, rested again then midnight Hulk which was good, better than the first and back to hotel for pillow talk... NOT!

Next day woke up late as usual, showered, checked out and had lunch at this old chicken rice place. It looked familiar when we spotted it the night before and made plans for lunch then and it hit me, my dad brought me there to eat supper once a long long time ago! I was so young then but somehow remembered, if not mistaken. Funny thing was, the next day was Father's Day! Thanks Dad~ After lunch, we then had our long trip down to Subang to pick up James' reliable car, old but still in great driving condition, to head to none other than Mid-Vally Megamall! People did more shopping here whereby I met my eldest brother and got stuff from him to bring home. Went on to buy winter clothing for mum and jacket for lil'est bro. Nothing for myself! Sighhh.. Owh yeah, met up with Lai Jeng too, our 3rd KL host after Andrew and James, and walked around til feet hurt like never before and also took some time out at the arcades where Jeng made James look like a total noob in Time Crisis like games. Then later went to dinner at this famous Murni place where we also met Jeng's gf, Nai Lin and Carissa, KL hostesses! Later met Darren's friend too, Freddy, and we all went to play some KL cyber games! Miau kept complaining I pawned/killed him like shit but that's not true, at least not until like shit lar.. We planned to go clubbing that night but since we were all tired, played at cc til 1.30 and then headed for mamak super supper and finally, James' place! Totally looked like a place where guys lived (haha) but James being the best KL host he is, provided us with proper utilities for a good night's rest and freshening up. Slept at 4 that night, just like the night before.

Woke up late again that morning and was last to shower up. We all packed our stuff and stuffed it in James' car before heading for our last entertainment destination, Sunway Piramid! Didn't really shop there but had a good walk around, Wendy's lunch and watch interesting ice skating. When the time came, we ALL, yes, ALL, bought J.Co Donuts to bring home to our lovely families and self so we looked liked crazy people who never seen donuts before. James then sent us to Subang's KTM after a crazy drive around in the Piramid's carpark and said our cbyes. =D So it was the KTM stuff ride back to KL Sentral and bus to LCCT and long wait for our flight back to Kuching at Coffee Bean to follow. Back to the donuts, a foreigner actually asked us if it were pizzas we were bringing home and when we mentioned it was donuts, he asked us something else which we felt silly for.. "You don't have donuts where you come from?". Haha. Good point but heck, it was KL, J.Co and Father's Day!

Needless to say, we all got home safe and I managed to celebrate a Father's Night last night and miss my entire family but came home with goodies for them anyway! Next, a month and a half of holiday but I need to add another item to my list of things to do in my last post.

11. Play 2moons like no tomorrow.

Heehee! Thanks guys and KL hosts for a lovely relaxing time, something I haven't had in a while, to illegally quote James.

10 June 2008

Not the time for this

Greetings. If you noticed, my blog (page) looks super boring looking. Surprises me how people can actually spend part of their lives here. =P Come to think again, because they are my friends reading or just have nothing better to do!

Rather like me. If you notice even further, you'd realize I'm having my finals at the moment so it's even crazy for me to be blogging right now. No worries, this will be short as you can see and no, I haven't lost my mind. 1 paper done and 2 more 2 go. 2 days from now and all I'd be thinking of is KL!

Things I will do after finals!

  1. Go crazy in KL. (or not)
  2. Sleeeeeeeep!
  3. Keep watching Euro and support err.. Netherlands?
  4. Damai! (hopefully)
  5. The usual every mid year holidays since 2005, debate~
  6. Update and decorate blog.
  7. Lose 20 kilos.
  8. Play futsal like mad!
  9. Procrastinate everything I just mentioned, except KL and sleep.
  10. Realize to do all of it when it's too late.
Tomorrow's macroeconomics at 2pm, not so bad but this morning was horrible because I didn't sleep and had to witness Italy get thrashed 3-0 by the Dutch. Darn linesman. I tell you, I'd have completed the tests with flying colours if it was Italy who won instead. Bah.

A trend I tend to pick up everytime exams approach seem to be materializing. I keep wanting to exercise though I'm slightly lazier this time 'round. Also seem to consume coffee like never before and found a new source of energy, chocolates! Not to mention I still play either the ps2 and dota everyday. Almost as if I play to relax more than I actually spend time studying. Oh, also, the stupid thinking and pondering of emotions and stuff. Yeah. Go figure.

Tonight Spain's playing. No Chelsea players there so not likely to support them but I predicted/bet with my brothers that they will win 2-1. You'll see. To make it more interesting, Silva and Torres to score. =D I also predicted Greece will draw 1-1 with Sweden, causing them to lose the euphoria of their 2004 success. A man can dream can't he?

"It's not what we have, it's what we believe"

Pray for my coming 2 days please. Thank you.

31 May 2008


So people have been bugging me to update my blog. Never knew it was such a hit so never bothered to but anyway. Reason I haven't been doing so is because I've been busy not studying all week, assignments and relaxing after Swinburne Night which I think and hope went well for those who went. The real reason is that the only thing on my mind all this while was Chelsea losing in the Champions League undeservedly. Yeah, it doesn't make a difference except make me seem like a sore loser but that was and still is Jose's mentality.

Back to what interests people. Which I have no clue. Okay, football first. Sorry all manure fans if I have called you that. You shall now be known as Man U fans. Only if you admit we played the better football in the final but yes, we still lost. That's football sometimes. I was wishing others "may the better team win" all the while leading up to that match. More like, "may the luckier team win". Bah. Over. Avram Grant gone. Jose Mourinho please come back. Thank you.

Best part is that no one insults or laughs at John Terry for missing the penalty, much like how we all do so with Ronaldo. I would like to say thank you for this respect and if you do do otherwise, it's only if you're an awful Man Utd fan or an awful person who doesn't know football. Heehee.

Whatever. Okay. Biggest problem at hand right now is starting my revision. Wait, more like studying because I've hardly went for classes all semester that when I read and understand what I need to, its like, for the first time, rather than going through it once more. Thankfully only have 3 subjects to study for but unthankfully I have only like a week to study for it and no last minute studying option as its 3 papers in 3 days. So 2 things anyone of you can do.

1. Scold me if I don't study and don't chat with me if I'm online. (please don't do this!)

2. Offer me rewards and stuff if I do well! Rewards are always better than punishment. =D

It's even more terrible because I won't be around all weekend to even pick up my book because I'm going to Lundu for like a holiday before my real holidays, with parents. Thinking will be spending most of my time fishing or sleeping or playing with dunno who. Oh yeah, someone else will be there too so maybe will 'fish for fish'. Haha. Nevermind if you don't get it, lame joke. Coming back on Monday only so... Happy Gawai people! (in advance)

My real holiday is like right after my finals! haha.. Okay, not right after la, which technically it is, but I'm talking about me going to KL yo! Finally a trip to just have fun rather than debate. Hehe. Talk more about that next time. Darn, so little things to blog about.

Let's talk about American Idol! To tell people the truth, I was rather quite for Archuleta beginning of the season but that was of course before I even heard of Cook! To all of you Archie fans who are still wondering how he lost magnificently and have no clue why, let me try to put it down for you. You don't crown someone the Idol if he looks good and sings well in one genre. That simple! The final was a clear cut example. Cook sang 3 totally different styles and sang well too. All Archie did was like, sing one song with 3 different titles, sort of. Throughout the season Cook also made various personal renditions of various songs such as "Always Be My Baby" (which is currently my favourite) successfully. You should really listen to it and then compare it with Mariah Carey's version. You'd be surprised. What did Archie do? Not to say he sang horribly or anything because his voice is simply magnificent but he's sorta like a Michael Buble typified singer, great but only in one manner. Cook has the whole package. Did I also mentioned he can play the guitar?

Yeah, if you have any other doubts, do ask me and we'll discuss about it. Don't go get some sniper rifle and hunt me down or anything please. You'd just miss the shot. Heehee. Jk.

Also, I would like to wish belated birthdays to a few people.

Firstly, 22nd May, Champton! You're 21 now and you're oldddddddd! I'm still young. Heehee.. The beauty of having the latest birthday. Hope life's good back at Japan and you bring me more better mementos other than airport key chains next time. =D Oh, I meant, hope your bday was a great one and we'll have fun again when you're back in August. Until then, hang your snowboard up the wall.

Secondly, 27th May, Jeremy! Happy 24th big bro. You probably don't even know I blog or if you do, probably don't bother coming here to read or if you do, just laugh at everything I blog about anyway. So laugh at this, Man Utd still suck! and if Chelsea does too, at least not like how Man Utd do! Okay, other than that, since your facebook said it was your best yet, I'm happy and so should you. Take care and all the best with your CLP.

Lastly, 28th May, Darren! Happy 21st too dooooood! You're old just like Champton too and great to have you back home. Been fun so far and yeah, since you're 21 already, must hang out like adults no and go out more often. Especially futsal! KL, here we come! soon... heehee..

Guess that's all for now. Do pray for me while I'm at Lundu everyone. For my safety, for my finals, for catching fishes hopefully and most importantly, for Chelsea. =)

19 May 2008

Keeping promises

Been super duperly busy lately! Some good some bad here and there. First had to do a 12 week group assignment all alone in 5 days, which I'm not exactly proud of (yeah right..) but was partly my fault anyway (as if..). 1 thing we all can be assured of however, is that it wasn't great work at all. Well, we'll see anyway. Not to mention that the crazy time spent on it also screwed up my time greatly as I failed to stay up all night the night before it was due which made me sleep through the time of which was supposed to be utilized to send someone to the airport. Apologized to him already but just wanted to say it out loud again. Sorry! Happy Belated 20th also! (Don't think you read my blog but yeah) He managed to get to the airport anyway if you were all curious.

Just when you thought 5 days of hell was over, came not one, but 2 more assignments! Macro will be due on Thursday and auditing next Monday. Fortunately, had the weekend to relax! Although it should have been used for better purposes like studying for finals which start on the 10th of June or researching tonnes of stuff for my assignments, I kinda really needed a break from my life of assignments and stress. They're both not the same by the way, I don't quite get stressed from studies, just pressured. Some would know what has been really bugging me so... yeah.

So Saturday I debated! Ok, met up with Darren for lunch + supper on Friday but Saturday lunch had special guest Alvin James too! Nothing better than good friends to help you to have a good time relaxing! Other than family love and well, God of course. So yeah, I debated and won! First time in like blardy long time but that's not really the point. It's just something I love doing. Not the winning and glory and other lala stuff but more like the gaining knowledge, helping your other personal skills which are so so important in the future and the best, teaching others! Not really saying I'm as passionate or capable as some great teachers out there but its just pleasing to see results and what not. Being trainer for the club has been quite cool but that made me miss debating itself so yeah, I've said it.

Anyway, met up with Michael that night. For those who don't know who he is, he's this senior debater of mine who's like the best public speaker and humor debater Swinburne has. (Other than me of course) The only flaw he has is that he's (a Gooner) an Arsenal fan! Quite forgivable since we, Chelsea, beat them in our last match. Manure fans however are different. Back to where I was, it was good catching up with another debater who could really talk football how football was meant to be talked about! Other than Yang Yaw of course but he's a manure fan so you can see the difference. Listening to his adventures to Stamford Bridge and Emirates Stadium and the true football mad nation, England, not Malaysia, were the kind that made you want to live them out as well. Sigh. Well, Sunday there was Sematan but yeah, don't really need to say much about how to relax there. (except the stupid kayak that took in water)

Anyways, thank goodness Monday's a holiday too and although James left today, oh yeah! James left earlier in the evening and had so much drama. (I think) Him and friend work for MAS so wanted to get this 'jump seat' specially for them (staff) but had this other lady who wanted to misuse her position as the wife of some steward or something. They waited so long with patience and absolute gentlemen-ness the way people should really do these days instead of trying to misuse things or stuff in life for their own selfish benefits! Anyway, the 2 were rewarded and finally got their tickets 15 minutes before take off so they ran like marathoners to the check-in counters. Reminded me of the rush we debaters had in the Bangkok-KL flight early January. Was so late that I practically ran as well to the gate. Rushing for a flight, something you'd want to but should never experience. So yeah, that's the last I saw of James, until July then hopefully.

Time for me to fill in this thingy I was tagged for by Ida.

step- by- step
instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Infatuation and interest that can lead to love yes. Knowing that that's the person you'll want to have kids and be with for the rest of your life? You've gotta be kidding me.

2. Do you eat without brushing your teeth?
What do you think? =D

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Stamford Bridge, home of the Blues.

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Be a famous professional football player in the English Premier League for Chelsea Football Club!

5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Scientifically, yes. In reality, also yes. No point dreaming of the impossible but optimism's good

6 What will make you twirl in your room and roll on your bed and break out in screamo laughter?
In laughter I don't know, a great joke? But twirl in my room and roll on my bed, learning that my dream just came through.

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Right now, leave it to my loving parents. They'd know how to use it better to care for my family. (to please others,) go to watch Chelsea win the Champions League in Moscow!

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
If it's appropriate for me to do so, yea. Appropriate meaning not whether I'm brave enough to confess but more or less, if it wouldn't really risk deteriorating our friendship.

9. Would you swim in a vat of chocolate?
No thanks. Though, come to think of it again, still no. =P

10. What is the stupidest (serious) thing you have ever done?
Doing something that ruined a friendship. =\

11. Which type of cars do u love the most?
Luxurious, sporty cars. Like, not a Merc, more like a BMW.

12. Which do you prefer from your other half? hug or a kiss?
Hug. Just feels so much ..... more. I'm speaking in intangible terms, if you were even wondering.

13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Rather be told. I want to be liked and am open to criticism, if expressed the right way of course!

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Note= 'thing'. Something tangible. Football.

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
Nah, unless its for football or a loved one when I'm in the mood or CNY.

16. What kind of electronic device/gadget you own that you like most?
(thinks of football..... TV!) Handphone. The means to talk to people without talking.

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Self-confidence. I think... SEE???

18. What makes you feel disappointed?
Short of confidence? haha. Not exactly disappointment but, yeah, heartbreaks.

19. If given a chance, do you want to see your future?
No! I'm the paranoid type that thinks of what will happen if I do this or that. Next thing you know, I'll be forever thinking of what to do next so that I can end up where I will be in that future I saw.

20. What's the best way to die in your opinion?
Not really how so I'd say, for a loved one. They'd somehow cherish their life and remember you. More importantly, THEY'D be alive. (just a thought) Imagine past soldiers or alike, dying for your country but not actually known or sometimes even appreciated by your own countrymen. Now that's, disappointment.

Wasn't that fun? =D Lucky people to be tagged, in alphabetical order, are:
1. Amanda (look who's laughing now lol sis!)
2. Carissa (waiting for you online now, what to do...)
3. Champton (you'd better be reading my blog you scouser)
4. James , Alvin (coz waited so long for you at airport)
5. June (then can make people like Stan and NC do this thing)
6. Jo-Lynn (so can come out of hiding and blog)
7. Mindy (to actually start blogging once moreee!)
8. Nai Chen (so June cannot make you do instead! =P)

oh well, weekend holiday break over. back to work then. =(

05 May 2008

The Good in others

I want to thank someone for telling me to start blogging again! Although she did tell me to post something else up about owing her money, which isn't true btw, she nonetheless gave me the idea. However, that's not the Good I'm talking about.

I want to wish a special Happy 21st Birthday to Gab! She celebrated it on Saturday and so kindly invited me to be involved and not only do I want to thank her for that, but for being my good good good friend over the last 3 years. Hoping you had a great day, will have a great year ahead and have(ing) the life of your life! (oh you know what I mean) You've been there for me when you knew I was down and sorry to have ever doubted that! Not like I actually have but still, that's not the Good I'm talking about.

I want to thank and apologize to a dear wannabe ahlien 8 year old looking cute friend of mine who did what she could to cheer me up when I was feeling really down. Even if it did got her into trouble in the end! Thanks for being so considerate and all. As nice as that was, that's still not the Good I'm talking about.

Let me talk about that now. It was when I felt stupidly down. You see, I sorta lost my wallet last Friday night when I went out with a few friends to The Spring to have dinner and a lil walk-around. Kept it in my front pocket of my jacket of which I had my hands in most of the time so wouldn't really have lost it would I? WRONG! After leaving Spring, went back to Swinburne. When about to leave for home from there at about 11pm, realized it was lost! I thought it was misplaced and probably fell out of my pocket while I was in friend's car so told him needed to go look in his car. Jacket pocket was stupidly small you see. I was even more stupid to have kept it there you see. Wasn't even worried then, so went to look, then cannot find! Still not worried yet, went back up to council room and search and cannot find. So just left for home la, since couldn't find. Then it hit me while on the way home in car. Mood changed all of a sudden! Had no idea where it could be and yeah, was screwed up basically.

Got home that night and when dad came downstairs, told him I lost it. After reporting missing credit card, got nagged and lectured at of which, I most definitely deserved! That was kinda when 8 year old wannabe ahlien helped me out though. So after calming down a bit, thought it might fall out of pocket when jumped into friend's car at Spring. So went to the parking spot to see if got la, but don't have. Thought some honest person might have found it and passed it to Spring authorities but customer service said don't have. So screwed lor. Followed orders of dad and went to go make police report. I mean, where else could it be? No more hope and no more ideas already by then. So yeah.

What's worse, only had 2 pieces of RM 50 with me and the station had no change for the report. Even more screwed! Was told to come back later with smaller change then can get it only so I left and went back to Swinburne. Debate training almost start so I thought, screw the report, just go debate lah. Bla bla bla.. Then suddenly, another debater told asked me if I had found my wallet. I was like, since when did you know??? Adakah so big news already??? Then he went on to say he found it the night before and passed it to another lecturer! Hallelujah! Its not lost! Got superly overjoyed that time you cannot imagine! Maybe you can but yeah, that beats the point! So I go find this lecturer lor and contacted him but no reply.

Next day lecturer came to my house and pass it back to me. Turns out its not the initial lecturer that friend said he passed to and I don't know who he is. What's worse, is I can't quite remember how he look also coz he left in a hurry from my house coz of rain. So terrible of me! But yeah, now in a bid to find out who this kind guy is and send him thank you note or something and chia my other friend, Sakib, lunch or somethings. He's a debater I just met few weeks ago. What are the odds to that? Needless to say, I went to police station that Saturday after debate to collect report but didn't say found wallet already coz was still rather overjoyed.

How often is it that we are lucky enough to have people like this new friend/debater of mine to find something precious that belonged to us and have the honesty and generosity to return it to us. Let's not forget this lecturer who not only was honest enough to keep it for me and come find my house based on my address and return wallet to me also. Either one could have taken the RM 270 inside and throw the wallet away or take the money and pretend they found it somewhere without the money in it. Could have but didn't! I like to think it was dedication to debate that provided karma for me coz that's how this guy knew of me. And it could be true! So we should always do good and hopes it would one day come back to us.

But the title of this post is "The Good in others", not the good in me. Turned out I dropped the wallet when I hopped out of friend's car and skipped through rain to get into shade. Friend found it on the road and you know the rest. I'm absolutely thankful and blessed that this has happened to me. NOTHING in my wallet was gone at all. But let's forget that because this is a tribute to people like Sakib and the lecturer of which I will find out who he really is. Angel in disguise maybe. I tell people to always be optimistic and of which I am! but that's during happy times and its absolutely important to stay positive when the worst happens. Such Good of which I now know exists will help me to no longer be such a hypocrite. While we know what is good and we do it, I hope this also helps you to believe that there still is indeed Good out there. =)