05 May 2008

The Good in others

I want to thank someone for telling me to start blogging again! Although she did tell me to post something else up about owing her money, which isn't true btw, she nonetheless gave me the idea. However, that's not the Good I'm talking about.

I want to wish a special Happy 21st Birthday to Gab! She celebrated it on Saturday and so kindly invited me to be involved and not only do I want to thank her for that, but for being my good good good friend over the last 3 years. Hoping you had a great day, will have a great year ahead and have(ing) the life of your life! (oh you know what I mean) You've been there for me when you knew I was down and sorry to have ever doubted that! Not like I actually have but still, that's not the Good I'm talking about.

I want to thank and apologize to a dear wannabe ahlien 8 year old looking cute friend of mine who did what she could to cheer me up when I was feeling really down. Even if it did got her into trouble in the end! Thanks for being so considerate and all. As nice as that was, that's still not the Good I'm talking about.

Let me talk about that now. It was when I felt stupidly down. You see, I sorta lost my wallet last Friday night when I went out with a few friends to The Spring to have dinner and a lil walk-around. Kept it in my front pocket of my jacket of which I had my hands in most of the time so wouldn't really have lost it would I? WRONG! After leaving Spring, went back to Swinburne. When about to leave for home from there at about 11pm, realized it was lost! I thought it was misplaced and probably fell out of my pocket while I was in friend's car so told him needed to go look in his car. Jacket pocket was stupidly small you see. I was even more stupid to have kept it there you see. Wasn't even worried then, so went to look, then cannot find! Still not worried yet, went back up to council room and search and cannot find. So just left for home la, since couldn't find. Then it hit me while on the way home in car. Mood changed all of a sudden! Had no idea where it could be and yeah, was screwed up basically.

Got home that night and when dad came downstairs, told him I lost it. After reporting missing credit card, got nagged and lectured at of which, I most definitely deserved! That was kinda when 8 year old wannabe ahlien helped me out though. So after calming down a bit, thought it might fall out of pocket when jumped into friend's car at Spring. So went to the parking spot to see if got la, but don't have. Thought some honest person might have found it and passed it to Spring authorities but customer service said don't have. So screwed lor. Followed orders of dad and went to go make police report. I mean, where else could it be? No more hope and no more ideas already by then. So yeah.

What's worse, only had 2 pieces of RM 50 with me and the station had no change for the report. Even more screwed! Was told to come back later with smaller change then can get it only so I left and went back to Swinburne. Debate training almost start so I thought, screw the report, just go debate lah. Bla bla bla.. Then suddenly, another debater told asked me if I had found my wallet. I was like, since when did you know??? Adakah so big news already??? Then he went on to say he found it the night before and passed it to another lecturer! Hallelujah! Its not lost! Got superly overjoyed that time you cannot imagine! Maybe you can but yeah, that beats the point! So I go find this lecturer lor and contacted him but no reply.

Next day lecturer came to my house and pass it back to me. Turns out its not the initial lecturer that friend said he passed to and I don't know who he is. What's worse, is I can't quite remember how he look also coz he left in a hurry from my house coz of rain. So terrible of me! But yeah, now in a bid to find out who this kind guy is and send him thank you note or something and chia my other friend, Sakib, lunch or somethings. He's a debater I just met few weeks ago. What are the odds to that? Needless to say, I went to police station that Saturday after debate to collect report but didn't say found wallet already coz was still rather overjoyed.

How often is it that we are lucky enough to have people like this new friend/debater of mine to find something precious that belonged to us and have the honesty and generosity to return it to us. Let's not forget this lecturer who not only was honest enough to keep it for me and come find my house based on my address and return wallet to me also. Either one could have taken the RM 270 inside and throw the wallet away or take the money and pretend they found it somewhere without the money in it. Could have but didn't! I like to think it was dedication to debate that provided karma for me coz that's how this guy knew of me. And it could be true! So we should always do good and hopes it would one day come back to us.

But the title of this post is "The Good in others", not the good in me. Turned out I dropped the wallet when I hopped out of friend's car and skipped through rain to get into shade. Friend found it on the road and you know the rest. I'm absolutely thankful and blessed that this has happened to me. NOTHING in my wallet was gone at all. But let's forget that because this is a tribute to people like Sakib and the lecturer of which I will find out who he really is. Angel in disguise maybe. I tell people to always be optimistic and of which I am! but that's during happy times and its absolutely important to stay positive when the worst happens. Such Good of which I now know exists will help me to no longer be such a hypocrite. While we know what is good and we do it, I hope this also helps you to believe that there still is indeed Good out there. =)