31 May 2008


So people have been bugging me to update my blog. Never knew it was such a hit so never bothered to but anyway. Reason I haven't been doing so is because I've been busy not studying all week, assignments and relaxing after Swinburne Night which I think and hope went well for those who went. The real reason is that the only thing on my mind all this while was Chelsea losing in the Champions League undeservedly. Yeah, it doesn't make a difference except make me seem like a sore loser but that was and still is Jose's mentality.

Back to what interests people. Which I have no clue. Okay, football first. Sorry all manure fans if I have called you that. You shall now be known as Man U fans. Only if you admit we played the better football in the final but yes, we still lost. That's football sometimes. I was wishing others "may the better team win" all the while leading up to that match. More like, "may the luckier team win". Bah. Over. Avram Grant gone. Jose Mourinho please come back. Thank you.

Best part is that no one insults or laughs at John Terry for missing the penalty, much like how we all do so with Ronaldo. I would like to say thank you for this respect and if you do do otherwise, it's only if you're an awful Man Utd fan or an awful person who doesn't know football. Heehee.

Whatever. Okay. Biggest problem at hand right now is starting my revision. Wait, more like studying because I've hardly went for classes all semester that when I read and understand what I need to, its like, for the first time, rather than going through it once more. Thankfully only have 3 subjects to study for but unthankfully I have only like a week to study for it and no last minute studying option as its 3 papers in 3 days. So 2 things anyone of you can do.

1. Scold me if I don't study and don't chat with me if I'm online. (please don't do this!)

2. Offer me rewards and stuff if I do well! Rewards are always better than punishment. =D

It's even more terrible because I won't be around all weekend to even pick up my book because I'm going to Lundu for like a holiday before my real holidays, with parents. Thinking will be spending most of my time fishing or sleeping or playing with dunno who. Oh yeah, someone else will be there too so maybe will 'fish for fish'. Haha. Nevermind if you don't get it, lame joke. Coming back on Monday only so... Happy Gawai people! (in advance)

My real holiday is like right after my finals! haha.. Okay, not right after la, which technically it is, but I'm talking about me going to KL yo! Finally a trip to just have fun rather than debate. Hehe. Talk more about that next time. Darn, so little things to blog about.

Let's talk about American Idol! To tell people the truth, I was rather quite for Archuleta beginning of the season but that was of course before I even heard of Cook! To all of you Archie fans who are still wondering how he lost magnificently and have no clue why, let me try to put it down for you. You don't crown someone the Idol if he looks good and sings well in one genre. That simple! The final was a clear cut example. Cook sang 3 totally different styles and sang well too. All Archie did was like, sing one song with 3 different titles, sort of. Throughout the season Cook also made various personal renditions of various songs such as "Always Be My Baby" (which is currently my favourite) successfully. You should really listen to it and then compare it with Mariah Carey's version. You'd be surprised. What did Archie do? Not to say he sang horribly or anything because his voice is simply magnificent but he's sorta like a Michael Buble typified singer, great but only in one manner. Cook has the whole package. Did I also mentioned he can play the guitar?

Yeah, if you have any other doubts, do ask me and we'll discuss about it. Don't go get some sniper rifle and hunt me down or anything please. You'd just miss the shot. Heehee. Jk.

Also, I would like to wish belated birthdays to a few people.

Firstly, 22nd May, Champton! You're 21 now and you're oldddddddd! I'm still young. Heehee.. The beauty of having the latest birthday. Hope life's good back at Japan and you bring me more better mementos other than airport key chains next time. =D Oh, I meant, hope your bday was a great one and we'll have fun again when you're back in August. Until then, hang your snowboard up the wall.

Secondly, 27th May, Jeremy! Happy 24th big bro. You probably don't even know I blog or if you do, probably don't bother coming here to read or if you do, just laugh at everything I blog about anyway. So laugh at this, Man Utd still suck! and if Chelsea does too, at least not like how Man Utd do! Okay, other than that, since your facebook said it was your best yet, I'm happy and so should you. Take care and all the best with your CLP.

Lastly, 28th May, Darren! Happy 21st too dooooood! You're old just like Champton too and great to have you back home. Been fun so far and yeah, since you're 21 already, must hang out like adults no and go out more often. Especially futsal! KL, here we come! soon... heehee..

Guess that's all for now. Do pray for me while I'm at Lundu everyone. For my safety, for my finals, for catching fishes hopefully and most importantly, for Chelsea. =)