16 June 2008

KL Trip!

No idea how interesting reading about my trip would be but here goes anyway. Left for KL Friday morning on the 9.25am flight, all 4 of us in cheery but more anticipative mood. The Fantastic Four consisted of Darren, Miau (Ming), Yew Inn and myself! We didn't bring much considering it was just a short trip and will need space for the girly shoppingness in us. Something about me that makes me wonder, I've never got an AirAsia flight delayed before, even when I've used it all the time so far. Though, lets not jinx it!

As I was saying, when we got there, took bus down to KL Sentral then monorail to hotel Bintang Warisan. Once checked in and changed plans to stay for only a night there, we headed off for Berjaya Times Square, or so we thought. Miau's directional instinct, which only works in Kuching if you know what I mean, coupled with my smartassness got us walking towards the opposite direction so we then used monorail instead to get there instead. Sorry la... When we finally did get there, met up with Andrew Norman and headed for lunch at this new Japanese fusion steamboat place, Shabu Shabu. Had steamboat there but nothing special to my liking. Went on jalan-jalan all over the complex/mall/whatever until something hawt caught our attention. GT roadshow girls! So we went down to get a closer look at the hot body kits. Turns out there was a GT racing competition so that took our attention more and Darren along with Andrew took part. Oh yeah, Darren won btw with the grandstand tickets as his prize but that's not the point! Okay, it actually was. So jealous I tell you. Then the sushi eating competition came but we didn't take part considering lunch just took place. Walked over to Low Yat after that to do some tech-savvy shopping where most of us got something for ourselves and that's when James came! Our lovely KL host friend then followed us back to hotel to chill out a while before going to Times Square again to get midnight Hulk tickets and then off to Jalan Alor to get ourselves some KL street food which is so easily trumped by Kuching food and this makes James jealousss! I hope... Needless to say, after dinner, rested again then midnight Hulk which was good, better than the first and back to hotel for pillow talk... NOT!

Next day woke up late as usual, showered, checked out and had lunch at this old chicken rice place. It looked familiar when we spotted it the night before and made plans for lunch then and it hit me, my dad brought me there to eat supper once a long long time ago! I was so young then but somehow remembered, if not mistaken. Funny thing was, the next day was Father's Day! Thanks Dad~ After lunch, we then had our long trip down to Subang to pick up James' reliable car, old but still in great driving condition, to head to none other than Mid-Vally Megamall! People did more shopping here whereby I met my eldest brother and got stuff from him to bring home. Went on to buy winter clothing for mum and jacket for lil'est bro. Nothing for myself! Sighhh.. Owh yeah, met up with Lai Jeng too, our 3rd KL host after Andrew and James, and walked around til feet hurt like never before and also took some time out at the arcades where Jeng made James look like a total noob in Time Crisis like games. Then later went to dinner at this famous Murni place where we also met Jeng's gf, Nai Lin and Carissa, KL hostesses! Later met Darren's friend too, Freddy, and we all went to play some KL cyber games! Miau kept complaining I pawned/killed him like shit but that's not true, at least not until like shit lar.. We planned to go clubbing that night but since we were all tired, played at cc til 1.30 and then headed for mamak super supper and finally, James' place! Totally looked like a place where guys lived (haha) but James being the best KL host he is, provided us with proper utilities for a good night's rest and freshening up. Slept at 4 that night, just like the night before.

Woke up late again that morning and was last to shower up. We all packed our stuff and stuffed it in James' car before heading for our last entertainment destination, Sunway Piramid! Didn't really shop there but had a good walk around, Wendy's lunch and watch interesting ice skating. When the time came, we ALL, yes, ALL, bought J.Co Donuts to bring home to our lovely families and self so we looked liked crazy people who never seen donuts before. James then sent us to Subang's KTM after a crazy drive around in the Piramid's carpark and said our cbyes. =D So it was the KTM stuff ride back to KL Sentral and bus to LCCT and long wait for our flight back to Kuching at Coffee Bean to follow. Back to the donuts, a foreigner actually asked us if it were pizzas we were bringing home and when we mentioned it was donuts, he asked us something else which we felt silly for.. "You don't have donuts where you come from?". Haha. Good point but heck, it was KL, J.Co and Father's Day!

Needless to say, we all got home safe and I managed to celebrate a Father's Night last night and miss my entire family but came home with goodies for them anyway! Next, a month and a half of holiday but I need to add another item to my list of things to do in my last post.

11. Play 2moons like no tomorrow.

Heehee! Thanks guys and KL hosts for a lovely relaxing time, something I haven't had in a while, to illegally quote James.