10 June 2008

Not the time for this

Greetings. If you noticed, my blog (page) looks super boring looking. Surprises me how people can actually spend part of their lives here. =P Come to think again, because they are my friends reading or just have nothing better to do!

Rather like me. If you notice even further, you'd realize I'm having my finals at the moment so it's even crazy for me to be blogging right now. No worries, this will be short as you can see and no, I haven't lost my mind. 1 paper done and 2 more 2 go. 2 days from now and all I'd be thinking of is KL!

Things I will do after finals!

  1. Go crazy in KL. (or not)
  2. Sleeeeeeeep!
  3. Keep watching Euro and support err.. Netherlands?
  4. Damai! (hopefully)
  5. The usual every mid year holidays since 2005, debate~
  6. Update and decorate blog.
  7. Lose 20 kilos.
  8. Play futsal like mad!
  9. Procrastinate everything I just mentioned, except KL and sleep.
  10. Realize to do all of it when it's too late.
Tomorrow's macroeconomics at 2pm, not so bad but this morning was horrible because I didn't sleep and had to witness Italy get thrashed 3-0 by the Dutch. Darn linesman. I tell you, I'd have completed the tests with flying colours if it was Italy who won instead. Bah.

A trend I tend to pick up everytime exams approach seem to be materializing. I keep wanting to exercise though I'm slightly lazier this time 'round. Also seem to consume coffee like never before and found a new source of energy, chocolates! Not to mention I still play either the ps2 and dota everyday. Almost as if I play to relax more than I actually spend time studying. Oh, also, the stupid thinking and pondering of emotions and stuff. Yeah. Go figure.

Tonight Spain's playing. No Chelsea players there so not likely to support them but I predicted/bet with my brothers that they will win 2-1. You'll see. To make it more interesting, Silva and Torres to score. =D I also predicted Greece will draw 1-1 with Sweden, causing them to lose the euphoria of their 2004 success. A man can dream can't he?

"It's not what we have, it's what we believe"

Pray for my coming 2 days please. Thank you.