15 July 2008

Something Light for the Blight

Apparently I have been a little too serious with my postings so I'll be trying to be more light-hearted with my coming bloggings.

Anyway, as you all may already know, shame on you if you didn't, Chelsea's coming to Malaysia! However, I'll not be able to watch them live and have that dream of seeing my greatest idols in the likes of John Terry aka Mr Chelsea and Frank Lampard. Moments where they score against Malaysia, me standing up next to them for a picture or 2, or letting them autograph my jersey(s) will now not come to life. Unless you can do something about it! And you can! RM700 approximately is all I need for tickets to KL and back along with GRANDSTAND tickets! Haha.. You know where to find me if all of a sudden you felt generous! Thank you in advance!

Considering I'm a huge hardcore loyal Chelsea fan, this would mean the worldest to me, next to actually playing for Chelsea and my honeymoon that is. =D

On to more realistic matters, I have been football deprived over the holidays, not something I have been hoping for. Ever since Euro 2008 ended, transfer window this summer has been so boring and filled with hopeless rumours concerning the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Gareth Barry. More so annoying is the likes of Inter Milan wanting Frank Lampard also! Go **** off Inter! Jose Mourinho still ok. Also not been playing enough futsal hence all the extra luggage my tummy has been carrying. This is just sad and if I referred to my list of 10 things to do that I made up without thinking during my finals, I'm not in a good position. =P

Holidays been good though, been out with great company time after time which will make me feel like hell when September comes and all is gone. Hopefully I'll be piled with all the lala stuff the student council has for me. Results are out this Friday so all who knows me and wants me to continue to live peacefully for the rest of July, please pray I did reasonably and relatively better than my last semester. Not that it was bad but I kinda really want my cgpa to be hells lots better when I graduate.

Also, next week we are celebrating my friends and I's 21st tralalas altogether so that those whom haves passed can celebrate again and those that aren't here yet can have tralala appetizer. With all the eating going on lately, it is no wonder I'm looking more and more like Pooh, which I am partly known as today. To others, I am Chao Ah Pui # 2. =D It's all been good! For those who still has the O_O look as to what a tralala is, to quote from the Bimbo I think, you don't want us to get started!

Also, Mr Patrick Goh Yew Inn sadly left us, erm, I meant me, early this month for the great glories of Adelaide. Apparently, he's been drinking like mad most of the time there so although he's been away for 2 weeks already, we'll consider it just 1 week, the amount of time he's actually been sober and missing us Kuching people and being emo and all.

As for those who are back, Darren is now the no.1 Kuching ah beng for all you wannabes out there. You shall see absolute horrorfying transformation tomorrow. Also, not-so-pro-wrestler Azlan is back and will make a special appearance tonight. More-pro-looking-wrestler Stanley is MIA at the moment because I have no idea if he's back yet or not but should be during this week itself. Boy we gonna have some funs.

Also, I've had complaints my posts are too long so........ - the end -