12 November 2008


Sorry people whom I have promised that I will update but have not. Well, now I have! Been busy and lazy times. When you've got people coming back to Kuching over the summer, well, more like their summer, you tend to spend more time with them then ramble on and on in your blog. =P

Nevertheless, when they all left, until the very last one, whom was Champton on the (checks calendar...) 29th September, it then all went to work work work! At times it was debate, at times the student council and most importantly, studies... Since I've hardly ever (never actually) put up pictures on my blog, I think it's about time! Lazy to time for now... =D

First, in late June, (yes, that long ago) we went to Sematan!

And then early July to Matang for bbq and fun!

The dreaded departure of Yew Inn to Adelaide..
(not so dreaded by him however, as you can see...)

21st Tralalas!

The things Daphne made me do...

Random outings

Still had time for debate!

Swinburne Debate 2008 (mid Aug)

and the Yayasan Sarawak Debate Challenge 2008!

James' 21st bday n bbq

Merdeka celebration getting drunk... NOT!

We had lots of fishing trips too..

Beach Bash with Student Council (early September)

Kolo mee! with Stan and Champ..

Prom Night 2008 (mid October)

Student Council 2008 at Prom

Battle of the bands! (hardly any pics)

Swinburne Sports Carnival 2008 (end October)
- hardly any pics but got stories to tell next time!

Well, that's all for now. Will get the ball rolling more the next time!


juU said...


you're officially an ahlien blogger=D

i like ur shades.they're so cool.i want aviators too=3

Kevin said...

how does that make me an ahlien blogger??? =P

thanks, unfortunately, they're my friend's. was in his car so we were playing with em at some traffic light, pretending to be ahbengs. lol. the irony...

VanessaJezamine said...

You look nice in black and a red tie...